BCCI Net Worth 2023: Brand Value, Revenue, Full Form in Cricket, Headquaters, Chairman, and other details

The net worth of BCCI is around $2 billion which is 14,852 crores INR. It is the richest cricket board in the world.

The full form of BCCI is Board of Control for Cricket in India. An Indian governing body, BCCI regulates all the components of Indian cricket across the world.

It was established in 1928 by overthrowing the monopoly of the Britishers in Indian Cricket and replacing the Calcutta Cricket Board. It was registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act. 

It is a private body that comes under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. It is the richest cricket board among all the other nations. 

Read on to find out BCCI net worth 2023, BCCI full form, BCCI meaning, details about its president, chairman, secretary, head office, BCCI net worth and more.

BCCI Net Worth 2023: What is the Net Worth of BCCI?

The net worth of BCCI is around $2 billion or INR 14,852 crore. It is the richest among all other country’s cricket boards. 

The net worth of BCCI is far higher than that of FIFA, making the BCCI, one of the richest sports organizations in the world. 

BCCI Net Worth 2023 $2 billion or INR 14,852 crore
EarningsINR 4,017 crore
IPL media rights earnings INR 16,347.5 crores (US$2.3 billion).
IPL revenueINR 4,000 crore +
IPL sponsorship earningsINR 1,000 crore +

BCCI earned around $5,39,138 which is around INR 4,017 crore in the financial year 2018-19.

About 60% of BCCI’s earning comes from the elite T20 tournament IPL (Indian Premier League). BCCI makes a significant part of its revenue through Indian National Cricket Team sponsorships and media rights for international fixtures as well as the IPL.

In fact, from 2018 to 2022, the global media rights for the IPL were granted to Star India for a whopping INR 16,347.5 crores (US$2.3 billion).

bcci ipl revenue
Credits: IPLT20

Arun Dhumal, the BCCI treasurer revealed that BCCI has earned Rs 4,000 crore as revenue from hosting IPL 2021.

The BCCI is also set to earn a mind-blowing sum INR 1000 crore only from sponsorships for IPL 2022. According to Insidesport, the board has a deal worth INR 44 crore per annum with Swiggy Instamart and a contract worth INR 42 crore with RuPay. 

BCCI hopes to double its IPL revenue in the 2023-27 cycle, expecting the media rights to fetch anywhere between INR 40,000 to 45,000 crores. 

A prominent BCCI official said in an interview with InsideSport:

”Indian cricket is up for a bumper harvest from the sale of a new cycle of IPL Rights. Don’t be surprised if it touches (Rs) 40,000 to 45,000 crore. Let’s wait for the magic to unfold.”

BCCI Full Form: What is the full form of BCCI?

BCCI stands for the Board of Control for Cricket in India.

As the name conveys, it controls cricket in India and is the authority that decides everything related to cricket in India. It is also responsible for the salary of the cricketers. 

BCCI Full Form
Credits: DeccanHerald

BCCI Meaning – What does BCCI do? 

BCCI handles everything related to cricket in India. Here are the many things BCCI do for cricket in India: 

  1. The BCCI decides the cricket matches to be played by the Indian Cricket Team. 
  2. It determines the International tours as well as the different domestic cricket tournaments. 
  3. BCCI selects the number of matches to be played by the team and of what format and with whom. 
  4. It governs the most-watched domestic tournament in the World- the Indian Premier League (IPL). 
  5. It decides the sponsors and brands to be advertised during any cricket match. 
  6. It even determines the players who play in the Indian Cricket Team. BCCI also has the power to select umpires and other officials to take part in International Events. 
  7. It conducts many domestic and international cricket series at different levels. 
  8. It dictates how much salary will be given to which player, umpire, and other officials. 
  9. BCCI picks the media rights and sponsors of different cricket series. It makes its major income from this. 
  10. It controls all its finances by itself and the government is not involved. Hence, BCCI is an independent body and does not come under the government of India. 
  11. BCCI is also accountable for the further promotion of cricket in India. It is responsible for shaping the future of cricket in India. 
  12. It is responsible for providing young cricketers and children interested in cricket to provide them with the right stage and exposure to shape them into world-class cricketers. 
  13. BCCI is also a significant contributor to the ICC (International Cricket Council) and is a major controlling entity. It plays a major role in deciding different ICC tournaments. 

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BCCI President

Sourav Ganguly, the former Indian cricket team captain, is the 32nd President of the BCCI since 2019. 

BCCI President
Credits: DNAIndia

Saurav Ganguly, fondly known as Dada, was an excellent batsman and a successful captain of the Indian team. 

Ganguly was also on the selection committee for the Indian national team and has worked as a television commentator. 

BCCI Officials 

Major positions of the BCCI body are the president, vice president, BCCI Secretary, head coaches of the Men and Women Indian team.

Vice President: Rajeev Shukla is the vice president of BCCI. He is an Indian politician, former journalist, and former chairman of the Indian Premier League. He was elected as the vice president of BCCI in 2020.

vice president of BCCI Rajeev Shukl
Credits: Indiatoday

BCCI Secretary: Jay Amitbhai Shah is the BCCI Secretary. He is the son of Amit Shah, the Home Minister of the Indian government. He became the BCCI Secretary in 2019 and is also the president of the Asian Cricket Council.

 Jay Amitbhai Shah  BCCI Secretary
Credits: BCCI

Men’s cricket team coach: Ravi Sastri is the current men’s cricket team coach. He was a former Indian cricketer (batting allrounder and left-arm spin bowler) who played between 1981 to 1992. 

Men's cricket team coach: Ravi Sastri
Credits: IndianExpress

Women’s cricket team coach: Ramesh Powar is the current women’s cricket team coach. Ramesh was also a cricketer. He has outstanding records in domestic cricket and was a valuable player for Mumbai in domestic cricket. 

Women's cricket team coach: Ramesh Powar
Credits: TOI

BCCI Sponsors

Major earnings of BCCI are from the media rights and sponsorships. BCCI puts out a tender for the sponsorships, various businesses apply for that and the BCCI decides finally as per the profit. 

BCCI has sponsorship contracts with the following :

  • Byju’s: Byju’s became the official team India sponsor in 2019 till March 2022. Currently, it is the Team sponsor. 
  • Star Sports: Star Sports have a 5-year contract for the broadcast rights of the tournaments in India. It is worth Rs. 16,347 crore INR which equates to around Rs. 3,269.4 crores INR per year.
  • Paytm: Paytm is the Title sponsor of the Indian cricket team. It has a 5-year contract from 2019 to 2023 which is worth Rs. 326.8 crores INR.
  • Dream11: Dream 11 was the official contractor for the Indian Premier League 2020. It along with the other two official partners will pay the BCCI Rs. 222 crores INR for this season that is going on in UAE. 
  • Hyundai: Hyundai is the official partner for the domestic BCCI tournaments as well as International BCCI tournaments for the period 2019 to 2023.
  • LafargeHolcim (ACC Cement and Ambuja Cement): It is also the official partner for the BCCI tournaments. The three official partners which are Dream 11, Hyundai, and LafargeHolcim will pay Rs. 2.59 crore INR per match. 
  • MPL: MPL is the official Kit Sponsor of the Indian Cricket team. It will design the jerseys for the Men’s International, Women’s International, and the Under-19 teams of India. It will pay a base price of Rs. 65 lakhs INR per match and 3 crores per year. It has a contract of 3 years, hence will pay a total of 9 crores.

Tournaments Organised by BCCI

The BCCI organizes many tournaments at different levels. At the international level, it organizes numerous series between India and other cricket-playing countries of the world.

It decides the number of matches to be played, of what format, with whom, and when. It also invests in different tournaments organized by the ICC. 

BCCI also organizes the different series of the Under-19 team and other age-restricted teams. 

To promote cricket and refine the skills of newcomers within the country, the BCCI organizes many domestic tournaments.

Men’s domestic tournaments:

  • Ranji Trophy
  • Duleep Trophy
  • Irani Cup
  • Vijay Hazare Trophy
  • Deodhar Trophy
  • Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy
  • Indian Premier League (IPL) 

Women’s domestic tournaments:

  • Women’s Senior One Day Trophy
  • Senior Women’s Challenger Trophy
  • Senior Women’s T20 League
  • Senior Women’s T20 Challenger Cup
  • Women’s T20 Challenge (Women’s IPL)

Some Other Tournaments:

  • Col. C. K. Nayudu Trophy (Under 25)
  • Men’s Under 25 One Day Trophy
  • Cooch Behar Trophy (Under 19)
  • Vinoo Mankad Trophy (Under 19)
  • Vijay Merchant Trophy (Under 16)

BCCI Head Office (Headquarters)

The BCCI head office is situated in Wankhede stadium, Mumbai, Maharashtra.  

BCCI full form: BCCI Head Office
Credits: IndiaToday

BCCI Head Office Address:


4th Floor, Cricket Centre, Wankhede Stadium, ‘D’ Road, Churchgate, Mumbai- 400020, India

T 022 – 2289 8800

F 022 – 2289 8801

E-mail: office@bcci.tv

How does the BCCI make money?

The major sum of money that BCCI makes is from the media rights and the sponsorships.

Everyone in India loves to watch cricket and hence broadcasting cricket is a major competition among the different sports networks.

The media industry pays a handsome amount of money to get the rights to broadcast cricket.  

The different sponsorships which are the title sponsorship, team sponsorships, kit sponsorship are also the major source of income of the BCCI.

Every company wants its name associated with the Indian team and hence there is competition and companies readily agree to pay a large sum of money. 

The Indian Premier League is the most profitable tournament that the BCCI conducts every year.

It is the most successful and productive event among all other domestic leagues of other countries.

Media rights of IPL, sponsorships of all the teams, advertisements during the match, tiket sales- all contribute to BCCI’s enormous net worth.

BCCI Controversies

The BCCI has been surrounded by many controversies over the years. Some of the major ones include: 

Spot Fixing

IPL has been named in spot-fixing, in 2012 and 2013 many players were banned. These also included some big names like Sreesanth, Ajeet Chandila, and Ankeet Chavan. Two teams, Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were banned for two years.

Son-in-law of then president of the BCCI, N Srinivasan, was arrested in the case and Srinivasan had to resign from the President’s position after the Supreme Court’s order. 

Lalit Modi’s misdemeanors

Lalit Modi was suspended from the chairmanship of the Indian Premier League as he was found to indulge in some “alleged acts of individual misdemeanors”.

Lalit Modi BCCI controversy
Credits: Outlook

He had to resign after Rajeev Shukla and N Srinivasan, vice president and president respectively of the BCCI sent him the suspension notice.

IPL during Pandemic

The conduction of the Indian Premier League in the middle of the coronavirus was not appreciated by everyone as the pandemic was not over.

The BCCI had to stop the tournament at its mid and shift the left matches for later which are now going on.

Finanicial Irregularities

In 2011, the central government gave exemption of about 45 crore INR tax as the entertainment tax.

This started a debate on a political level. The then Finance Minister of India said that there are financial irregularities in the Indian Premier League. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about BCCI :

  • How much is the BCCI Secretary’s salary?

Jay Shah, son of the Indian home minister, Amit Shah, is the BCCI Secretary. Jay Shah’s net worth is around $12 million which is 69 crores INR. The exact salary from the Board of Control for Cricket in India, his major income is from the Hersha Hospitality Trust stocks.

  • Is FIFA richer than BCCI?

The Net worth of FIFA is around $300 million which is around 2,233 crores INR and the net worth of BCCI is around $2 billion which is around 14,852 crores INR. As there is less advertisement in football than that in cricket hence BCCI is far richer than FIFA.

  • What is the salary of the BCCI President?

Sourav Ganguly is the president of the BCCI. He gets around 5 crores INR from the BCCI. This is very less as compared to his actual salary which includes income from the different brand endorsements. 

  • What is the value of BCCI?

The net worth of BCCI is around $2 billion which is about 14,852 crores INR. It pays a very major sum of money as tax and helps strengthen the country.

It also provides a salary to all levels of cricket players and monetizes funds for organizing cricket tournaments in India and promotes cricket. 

  • How does the BCCI make money from the IPL?

A major source of income of the BCCI is from the Indian Premier League that it conducts every year. IPL is a pool of money everyone loves to watch IPL and hence it is the first choice of the brands for advertisements.

Brands pay a lot to sponsor different teams. Media rights are the other major source of income. Star India gave around $2.3 billion which is around 16,347.5 crores INR for the year 2018 to 2022. 

  • When was the BCCI established?

The BCCI was established on the 4th of December 1928 at Delhi’s Roshanara club to overcome British dominance in cricket. After the establishment of the BCCI India started controlling cricket and went on his first overseas tour as the Indian team to England. 

  • Is BCCI a private or government body?

As the BCCI is neither funded nor managed by the government, it manages its financial situation. It earns from different sources and provides a salary to its members and the players. It is an autonomous body and hence is not a government organization. 

  • Where is the BCCI headquarters situated?

The headquarters of the BCCI is situated at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

Address: BOARD OF CONTROL FOR CRICKET IN INDIA, 4th Floor, Cricket Centre,

Wankhede Stadium, ‘D’ Road, Churchgate

Mumbai- 400020, India

BCCI Net Worth 2023: Conclusion

BCCI is a very large organization and is a very important part of cricket. 

It comes under the Ministry of Youth’s Affairs and Sports though it is not under the government’s control and its functioning is not fully democratic. 

It plays a major role in conducting cricket tournaments and maintaining order and decorum in the sport we all love. 

We hope that you all loved reading this article about BCCI net worth 2023, full form and different elements of the Board of Control for Cricket in India. Cheers! 

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