The 15 Biggest Cricket Controversies of All Time

Today we bring you the top 15 biggest cricket controversies of all time. Have an enthralling read…

Cricket has not always been a gentleman’s game. When two passionate and emotionally charged oppositions face-off, controversies are bound to happen. 

While some feuds might get snubbed by mutual conception, others can even devastate a player’s entire career or tarnish the image of the sport. 

We have enlisted 15 such mind-boggling controversies in cricket that have happened in the past few decades. Some of these will give you chills, while others might make you uncomfortable.

The 15 Biggest Cricket Controversies of All Time

Here’s our pick for the 15 biggest cricket controversies of all time… Controversy
1.Sandpaper Gate
2.Monkey Gate
3.Greg Chappel versus Ganguly
4.Terror attack on SL’s team bus
5.Chappel bowls underarm
6.Bodyline deadly bowling in 1932
7.Aussies hate West Indian players
8.Steve Bucknor versus Sachin
9.Kevin Pietersen versus England
10.Steve Smith’s brain fade
11.Ganguly-Flintoff waving Tee saga
12.Jadeja-Anderson faceoff in 2014
13.Gilchrist’s squash balls in gloves
14.Muralitharan’s action debate
15.New Zealand cancels Pak tour 2021 

15. New Zealand cancels Pak tour 2021 

Pakistan was abandoned as a touring country for cricket after the infamous terror attacks on visiting Sri Lankan bus in 2009. 

After so many years, it took a lot of work to resume home cricket. It resulted in a triumph for Pakistan as various cricket boards of nations agreed to tour them. 

Credits: DNA

They conducted the Pakistan Super League regularly every year to win the trust of foreign players. 

A full-fledged New Zealand tour of Pakistan of the ODI series was scheduled in 2021. 

Fans were excited, and they were already celebrating the resumption of cricket in their nation. 

But that was short-lived as NZ announced the cancellation of the tour just minutes before the start of the first ODI over security concerns. 

Pakistan management as well ministries were bamboozled over this last moment cancellation. 

Their fury could be seen in the statements of some top officials. It indeed created a controversy. They took it emotionally. 

As a result, when Pak met NZ at T20 WC a few months later, they saw them as arch-rivals. 

When they won the WC match against NZ, their fans celebrated by mocking NZ’s security in the stadium itself.

It won’t be surprising if the Pakistan cricket team takes NZ as a nemesis in future.

14. Muralitharan’s action debate

Muttiah Muralitharan was a legendary spinner from Sri Lanka who still holds the record of highest wicket-taker in Test cricket with 800 scalps, even after 11 years of retiring from the Tests. 

He could turn a ball in any direction after pitching the ball with immaculate accuracy. This ability made him unplayable for years. 

Credits: news18

But his unique and weird action was always a concern for many cricket pundits. 

Even some appealed to the ICC to ban him based on some investigations on camera. Though he proved all of them wrong, some were still unsatisfied.

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He was badly famous by the name of ‘chucker’. Umpires called him on the field at several instances in the ongoing matches. Many tried to curb him due to his gentlemanly behaviour all along.

Nonetheless, he was able to rise above the criticism and controversies around his bowling action and gave some unprecedented contributions to Sri Lanka cricket’s upliftment. 

He retired from international cricket after the 2011 World Cup. Considering the present condition of the SL team, they would be missing his services the most.

13. Gilchrist’s squash balls in gloves

It was the 2007 ICC World Cup where Australia thrashed Sri Lanka single-handedly in the final. 

In a rain-marred match, Australia posted 281 runs for four wickets in 38 overs. Adam Gilchrist wreaked havoc with his 149 runs off 104 balls, including 13 fours and 8 sixes. 

Credits: ICC

Australia won the match by 53 runs, but a controversy heated just after it.

It was alleged that Gilchrist used squash balls in his gloves to make the grip of the bat better, which was illegal, according to many. 

He was seen celebrating his ton by highlighting his gloves towards the dressing room. 

The fact that he batted outstandingly well using those balls made this controversy a bigger one.

“I’d been using this little device on the advice of a batting coach back in Perth. Often, he’d get me to put this squash ball in my bottom hand, and basically, it’s about putting the glove on, and my coach told me, ‘Try not to grip the bat too much with those last two, maybe three, fingers’,” Gilchrist said in an interview with ICC. 

12. Jadeja-Anderson faceoff in 2014

The test series between India and England in the latter nation has always been the high-voltage ones. 

Players take it too emotionally and play for their pride rather than taking it as just another game. 

Credits: NDTV

As a result, they end up being over-aggressive and create a controversy. The same happened with Ravindra Jadeja and James Anderson in the 2014 Test series.

It was at lunch on day 2 of the 4th Test that the two exchanged heated words while one abused the ‘F’ word. 

It also involved the Indian captain MS Dhoni who was said to have responded to Anderson in support of Jadeja.  

Moreover, they used “smash teeth” and “squeeze juice”, which got the Indian team complaining to the ICC. 

England team management was surprised by this reaction and, in turn, protested Jadeja.

Even though Jadeja was claimed ‘innocent’, he was fined 50 per cent of the match fees, which upset the BCCI, and they later appealed against the verdict. It was a matter of level 3 offence alleged by ICC.

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11. Ganguly-Flintoff waving Tee saga

This one is the most popular controversy that has been ever talked about in the context of Indian cricket. 

It all started with England visiting India in 2001-02. India was leading the ODI series with 3-2 before the final ODI at Wankhede stadium of Mumbai. 

Credits: IWMbuzz

Flintoff’s 50 down order directed England to set a target of 256 in the last ODI. 

Eventually, India lost the match by 5 runs, and England was able to tie the series, but that was not the end. 

Flintoff’s shirtless run in the ground itself, after the very last ball, infuriated the Indian fans as well as Sourav Ganguly.

After five months, India faced England in the final of the Natwest tri-series. England posted a mammoth of 325 runs. 

Indian batting struggled heavily while chasing as they were reduced to 146 for 5 wickets in 24 overs. 

But the unprecedented heroics of Yuvraj Singh and Md. Kaif let India chase down the historical target. 

As soon as the winning run was scored, the Indian captain, Sourav Ganguly, waved off his tee-shirt while standing in the Lord’s balcony. 

It was a reference to Flintoff’s act at Wankhede. It was revenge.

But all this raised several eyebrows over the act of senior player in the light of the gentlemen’s game. 

But our very own, ‘Dada’ was far ahead of any controversy to have a hand around his neck.

10. Steve Smith’s brain fade

India and Australia are two of the most passionate and professional cricketing nations that this world has ever seen. 

The game between the two is not just a sporting event; it is a lot more than that. 

Credits: Teahub

Even a single weird act could get a player trapped into a big controversy. The same happened with Steve Smith when Australia toured India in 2017. 

It was the second Test where Steve Smith adjudged leg before wicket on delivery by Ashwin. 

He first asked his partner about the DRS, but just a moment later, he was seen asking for it by signalling to the dressing room. 

This got the Indian captain to lose his cool. Umpires also realized this robbery and restricted Smith from taking the DRS. 

Later, he told the press about this whole mix-up. “I got hit on the pad and looked down to Petey and said ‘look up there and I turned around and said ‘what do you reckon?’ Smith said. “It was a bit of a brain fade on my behalf, and I shouldn’t have done that,” he added. 

His act was surely against the spirit of the game. Smith apologized later.

9. Kevin Pietersen versus England

Kevin Pietersen and England never got along well. He was undoubtedly one of the most talented and flamboyant batsmen to ever play this game. 

He was the one who invented the switch hit. But his relationship with his playing nation wasn’t subtle.

Credits: Skysports

Pietersen announced his retirement from ODIs in 2012, which shocked the England Cricket Board. 

He sought some ego clashes within the team due to his contract with the Indian Premier League that forced him to retire for the limited-overs formats. 

Another incident was ‘textgate‘ in which he made some derogatory texts to a South African player, which made Andrew Strauss, the then English captain, drop him in further outings.

This was not the end. Before the start of the Ashes, the dispute between Pietersen and Andy Flower made the English team move on from the stalwart batsman. 

This was the end of KP in international cricket. However, he later made a career out of cricket expertise and commentary and gained positive popularity among his fans.

8. Steve Bucknor versus Sachin

Sachin Tendulkar was a great batsman and often referred to as the God of cricket. He was the most popular cricketer in India while he played the game. 

But it wasn’t all roses for him. He also got himself into some controversies. 

The tussle between him and the then Umpire Steve Bucknor is still one of the most talked-about incidents of cricket.

He made wrong decisions while dismissing Sachin Tendulkar in several incidents. 

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So much so that he became the most hated umpire in the World and India. He was at his worst in the 2008 India-Australia test series. 

He also got banned by the ICC from the third Test of the series, citing his horrible decisions in the first two.

Recently, he accepted his errors of the past-

“To err is human…Once in Australia, I gave him out leg before the wicket, and the ball was going over the top. 

Another time, in India, it was caught behind. The ball deviated after passing the bat, but there was no touch. 

But the match was at Eden Gardens and when you are at Eden and India is batting, you hear nothing. Because 100,000 spectators are making noise. Those were the mistakes, and I was unhappy. I am saying a human is going to make mistakes, and accepting mistakes are part of life,” Bucknor said.

7. Aussies hate West Indian players

Hate is a strong word. One must avoid using it in shallow moments. Especially when you are representing your nation on the world stage. 

But Australian players deferred from it ahead of the clash with West Indies in the 2014 T20 World Cup.

Credits: Zimbio

Faulkner said, “I don’t particularly like them. Nobody in particular. Good players are good players, but you have to do things to get under their skin and try and irritate them to try and get them off their game. “There are a few players I would like to knock over, and more importantly, I’d like to beat them. I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t seen him, but I’ll say ‘hello’ though. I’m always polite. But I won’t be saying ‘hello’ if I’m playing on Friday.”

This didn’t go well with Caribbean players. They took it seriously. 

Later, the anger in West Indian players could be seen in their wild celebration after a thrilling win against Aussies in the tournament. 

Faulkner’s statement also deteriorated the image of their players.

6. Bodyline deadly bowling in 1932

Cricket is a tricky game. It was wilder before. 

Imagine having to face fiery fast bowlers who consistently bowl bouncers and that too, with a bodyline and length. It must be a nightmare. It was for Aussies when England toured them in 1932/33. 

Credits: Wisden

English captain Douglas Jardine used 28-year-old fiery pacer Harold Larwood as the primary weapon to exploit the Aussie batting. 

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English bowlers strategize the bodyline bowling to stop the magic of Don Bradman. 

Many Aussie batters could be seen in fear while facing them. The injury vows saw a new peak. 

English bowlers gave them a real hard time while they begged for the safety of their skulls.

Later, the offence of ‘unsportsmanlike’ was toppled upon the English team that did not seem to think about the safety of the player. 

Their spirit of the game was questioned severely. It became one of the evilest and deadly controversies.

5. Chappel bowls underarm

Australians are famous for their impudent behaviour on the cricket ground, due to which they get indulged in several controversies. 

Chappell’s underarm bowling incident is one of the oldest incidents that got everyone’s attention.

Australia was playing an ODI against New Zealand on 1 Feb 1981. It was the final of the Benson and Hedges World Series Cup at the MCG, and New Zealand needed 6 runs on the last ball of the match. 

But Trevor Chappell surprised everyone by bowling an underarm ball that never bounced on the pitch and kept rolling on the floor till it reached the batsman. 

Australia won the match but lost a lot of hearts. There was no rule to prove the underarm bowl illegal at that time. 

ICC later considered it as “not in the spirit of the game”. Rules were changed later. 

It would be considered as a dead ball in further matches. Trevor Chappell was heavily criticized for his unmanly behaviour. 

After all these years, his act is still denounced by many cricket experts as well as fans. 

4. Terror attack on SL’s team bus

Pakistan has always been in the light of terror activities. But one such unfortunate incident occurred in cricket that shook everyone worldwide.

This time the victims were the innocent international cricketers of Sri Lanka.

Credits: OrrisaPost

Sri Lanka was touring Pakistan for the Test matches in 2009. Sri Lankan cricketers were moving in their team bus to the Gaddafi stadium for the 1st day’s play of the 2nd Test when a group of masked terrorists attacked the bus. 

Including stalwarts Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara, 5 players were injured in the massacre. 

Moreover, 6 security personnel and 2 civilians were killed. This incident shocked everyone. Sri Lankan touring players were severely traumatized. 

As a result, Pakistan was abandoned by the world for any further international cricket matches. 

Upcoming tours by India and New Zealand were cancelled immediately. The 2009 Champions trophy was taken away from the venues of Pakistan.

Pak cricket board suffered badly due to this one incident. Over the years, they have worked hard to regain the world’s trust to play in their nation. 

Eventually, they could get some international tours in 2021, but New Zealand cancelled the tour, followed by England.

3. Greg Chappel versus Ganguly

Greg Chappel was appointed as India Coach in 2005 for a two-year term. Sourav Ganguly was the captain of team India at that time. 

No one would’ve thought that the combination of these two would lead to a famous controversy.

Credits: IndiaToday

The internal dispute between the duo brewed in late 2005 and also involved some other players like Sachin Tendulkar and Harbhajan Singh. 

As a result of the rift, Ganguly was completely dropped from the ODI and Test team. Chappell was confirmed behind this decision despite there being nothing wrong with Ganguly’s batting. 

This ignited a fire in the hearts of fans. Ganguly’s teammates openly criticized this mix-up. 

Eventually, Chappel was removed from the post of coach and Ganguly was brought back into the team. He was included in the Indian team for the 2007 World Cup.

Sourav Ganguly has always been credited for the resurgence of Indian cricket that suffered heavily in the late 1990s. 

He had a big influence in making Indian cricket better. His sudden removal was surely a shocking decision.

2. Monkey Gate

This cricket controversy was one of the ugliest ones. 

It brewed up in a Test match between India and Australia, the two most emotionally charged cricketing nations. Specifically, it was between Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds.

Credits: 100MB

Harbhajan Singh was batting, and the partnership for the 8th wicket was frustrating the Aussie bowlers.

 In a moment, Symonds and Bhajji could be seen communicating through words. Both seemed in anger. 

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Later, Symonds accused Bhajji of calling him ‘Monkey’ and abused him racially. Racism is a serious thing. 

One could always avoid involving that word in their professional life. Bhajji, completely denied the allegations. 

As a result, Bhajji was banned for three tests, but Indian team management decided to appeal against his ban. 

Later, Bhajji got fined 50 per cent of the match fee, and his ban was lifted immediately, allowing him to play further matches.

1. Sandpaper Gate

The number 1 on our list of cricket controversies of all time is the infamous Sandpaper gate. 

It was the most unfortunate and ill-favoured controversy that was done intentionally by more than one player. 

Australia and the world were devastated by the acts of Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft, who were involved actively in the ball-tampering saga that happened during the 3rd Test between Australia and South Africa in March 2018.

Cameron Bancroft was caught red-handed by television cameras while trying to diminish the quality of the ball by using sandpaper. 

The plan was to make one side of the ball rough so that the bowler could get more swing. Australia was already on the backfoot of the game, and this incident made it worse. 

All the three top Aussie players received the sanctions that led to their ban from all forms of cricket for one year. Coach Darren Lehmann stepped down immediately from the post.

Later, Smith openly accepted his guilt and cried in the press conference. “To all of my teammates, to fans of cricket all over the world and to all Australians who are disappointed and angry. I’m sorry,” Smith said. “I take full responsibility … There was a failure of leadership, of my leadership. I’ll do everything I can to make up for my mistake and the damage it’s caused.”

A year later, Smith returned in The Ashes and brought out his best with the bat.

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These cricket controversies can never let the glory of cricket down, but they, undoubtedly, make it a bit less of a gentleman’s game. 

But, for fans, these things are pretty intriguing and exciting. People might get closer to this game due to particular controversies that concern them. 

So, this might be both a good and a bad thing, depending upon distinct perspectives. 

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