Dream11 vs Howzat: Which one is Better in 2023?

While Dream11 is the market leader, Howzat has a lot to offer too. Let’s see which of these apps is better in our Dream11 vs Howzat review. Read on…


In a sports-loving country like India, fantasy sports is an excellent way for people to engage with live matches. 

Fantasy sports apps allow gamers to be involved with their favorite sports in a unique way and make matches more thrilling to watch. 

Today, we are going to talk about two such fantasy sports apps in the market- Dream11 and Howzat.

Fantasy App Dream11 Howzat
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Both of these platforms are widely known amongst the masses and are quite fun to play around with. 

Let’s see which one of these apps is better in our Dream11 vs Howzat review. 

Before we begin our analysis, let us swiftly go through a brief overview of the two apps. 




History of Dream11

  • Founders: Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth
  • Headquarters: Mumbai
  • Dream11 Brand Ambassador: Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  • Founded in: 2008

One of the oldest fantasy sports apps in the market, Dream11 began operations way back in 2008. 


Dream11 vs Howzat

Back then, it was set up like American fantasy football leagues where users had to create season-long teams to compete. 

However, that app model failed to generate any buzz in India. As a result, Dream11 moved to daily fantasy competitions in 2012.


History of Howzat

  • Founders: Shashank Singh
  • Headquarters: Delhi
  • Dream11 Brand Ambassador: Yuvraj Singh
  • Founded in: 2019

Launched in 2019, Howzat is a very new player in the market as compared to Dream11. 


Dream11 vs Howzat


Owned and operated by Howzat Pvt. Ltd, Howzat’s main office is located in the nation’s capital, New Delhi.

Now that we know a bit about these apps, let’s start our review.

Dream11 Vs Howzat: Which one is Better? 

To discover which of these two fantasy sports apps are better- Dream11 or Howzat- we will be testing these apps in the following categories: 

  1. Number of users
  2. User Interface
  3. App Features
  4. Fantasy Point System
  5. Type of Contests
  6. Team Composition


1. Number of Users


Let’s see which app has more current users- Dream11 or Howzat: 

Dream11 Total Users:  Dream11 currently has over 100 million (or 10 crores) users! 

The app is currently leading the fantasy sports market in India with the largest number of active users. 


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Howzat Total Users: Since Howzat is quite a new platform as compared to Dream11, it currently has 10 million, or 1/10th the number of Dream11 users. 

While the number seems small when compared to Dream11, Howzat has still done a great job with its marketing campaigns to draw attention and users. 


? The Verdict: 

Dream11 is unquestionably ahead of the game when it comes to its user base. 

With almost 10 times the users of Howzat, Dream11 beats Howzat fair and square. 

Since Dream11 has more users, it usually becomes a more “safer” app for a newbie who is just starting out in the world of fantasy sports. 

However, having more users isn’t always a good thing. 

Since Howzat has fewer users than Dream11, it typically has less competition too. The lesser the competition, the more are your chances of winning! 

Our pick in this category for Dream11 vs Howzat goes to Howzat. 


2. User Interface


Next up, let’s discuss which of these apps- Dream11 or Howzat- has a better user interface. 


Dream11 user interface

Dream11 has a clean user interface. For a newbie, it’s very simple to use. 

The top panel contains the various sports Dream11 offers- Cricket, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Kabaddi, and more.


Dream11 user interface

On the home screen, you are given a list of “upcoming matches”. 

In the bottom panel, you can see:

  • Current matches or those past matches you have played.
  • winner section to check the winners of all matches.
  • Chat section that allows you to chat with your friends.
  • Feed section that shows all the latest posts from people you follow on Dream11. 

All in all, the app has a neat interface that is easy to use. 


Howzat User Interface

Howzat, like Dream11, also has an easy-to-use interface. On top there’s an ad, then a panel for choosing cricket or football. 

Come a little down and you see a list of upcoming matches. 


For a new user, navigating through the app and knowing where to go next is very straightforwards. 

The bottom tab has 5 options: 

  • Home, where all the current and upcoming matches are displayed
  • My Matches, where the upcoming, live, or completed matches you have played. 
  • Add Cash, the section that allows you to add cash to your Howzat wallet. 
  • Refer & earn, showcasing the refer and earn program of Howzat where users can refer the app to their friends and earn a cash bonus. 
  • More: this brings up the menu that has your account details, withdrawals, help and support, and more. 


? The Verdict: 

Both Dream11 and Howzat have a neat and clean interface. 

Our pick in this category for Dream11 vs Howzat is a tie.


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3. App Features


Let’s move on and compare what these 2 apps have to offer in terms of features: 


Dream11 App Features

Dream11 has the following features: 

  • Supports 6 sports– Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Baseball, Basketball, Handball, and Hockey. 
  • Dream11’s “winner section” lets you see and study winning teams so you can make strategies accordingly. 
  • Dream11 lets you earn 10% (up to Rs 200) of your friend’s added amount that they spend to join a contest via their refer and earn program. 
  • The chat feature is also unique to Dream11. Fantasy players can create a group with their friends and chat with them about the game. 
  • You can even build your own fan following, follow fellow fantasy players, and engage with the Dream11 community in the feed section. 


Howzat App Features

Howzat has the following features: 

  • Howzat only has 2 two sports– cricket and football
  • There’s no chat or feed option like in Dream11
  • Refer and earn bonus= Rs.10 instant bonus, up to Rs. 500 winnings, bigger than Dream11
  • Beat the legend contests that allow you to play against legends like Yuvraj Singh and get 3x or even 5x the winning amount. 


? The Verdict: 

Dream11 outshines Howzat in terms of features. Moreover, Dream11 offers many other sports like Basketball and Baseball apart from just Cricket & Football. 

However, you can earn a considerably higher referral bonus in Howzat than in Dream11.  

Our pick in this category for Dream11 or Howzat goes to Dream11. 


4. Fantasy Point System


The point system in both apps is quite comparable. 


Dream11 Fantasy Point System: 

  • Dream11 provides 2x points for your captain and 1.5x points for your vice-captain. 
  • The app offers 1 point per run which was previously 0.5. 
  • Dream11 awards 25 points to bowlers (in ODIs) for taking a wicket.
  • Check out the detailed point system here


Howzat Fantasy Point System: 

  • Howzat also gives 2x points for your captain and 1.5x points for your vice-captain. 
  • Howzat offers 1 point per run.
  • Howzat rewards 25 points to bowlers (in ODIs) for taking a wicket.
  • Check out the detailed point system here. 

In both the fantasy apps, the point system changes based on the format you are playing, ie. ODI, T20, or Test. 


? The Verdict:

Both apps have a similar scoring system.

Our pick in this category for Dream11 vs Howzat is a tie. 


5. Type of Contests


Both Dream11 and Howzat have various types of contests that fantasy players can participate in. 


Types of contests in Dream11

Dream11 provides 3 types of contests: Practice, Cash, and Private contests. 

  • Practice contests are free to join but also don’t have any cash prizes
  • Cash contests are paid contests that give cash prizes to champions
  • Private contests are those you can create and play with your friends. 


Types of contests in Howzat

Howzat app also has Practice, Cash, and Private contests. Apart from them, Howzat also offers a “Beat the Legend” contest during IPL and other major tournaments. 

In such a contest, players can compete against legendary cricketers like Yuvraj Singh, Irfan Pathan, Kumar Sangakkara, and Kieron Pollard and win 2x (or even 3x and 5x) the prize money. 

Check out this video to learn more:


? The Verdict:

Both Dream11 and Howzat offer Practice, Cash, and Private contests. However, Howzat also has contests like ‘beat the legend’ and offers more cash prizes to be won. 

Our pick in this category for Dream11 vs Howzat is Howzat


6. Team Composition


Team composition defines how many batsmen, bowlers, wicketkeepers, and all-rounders you can add to your fantasy teams. 

Several platforms have different rules regarding this. 


Dream11 Team Composition: 

  • Wicketkeepers: You can select up to four wicketkeepers in your Dream11 team.
  • Batsmen: You can select 3-6 batsmen in your Dream 11 squad.
  • All-rounders: You can select 1-4 all-rounders.
  • Bowlers: In Dream11, you can select 3-6 bowlers


Howzat Team Composition

  • Wicketkeepers: You can select up to four wicketkeepers in your Howzat team
  • Batsmen: You can pick 3-6 batsmen in your team. 
  • All-rounders: In Howzat you can select anywhere from 1 to 4 all-rounders. 
  • Bowlers: You can select 3-6 bowlers. 


? The Verdict

Both Dream11 and Howzat have the exact same model of team composition. 

Our pick in this category for Dream11 or Howzat is a Tieagain!


Dream11 vs Howzat: Final Verdict


As you can see, both Dream11 and Howzat are similar in their functionality and features. 

However, Howzat scored 2 points in our review above while Dream11 scored 1 (it was a tie in 3 categories!!). 

Howzat has a very slight edge over Dream11 as it’s newer and is trying hard to offer more to its users than Dream11. 

Having said that, more people in India play fantasy sports on Dream11 and is the go-to choice of top fantasy players. 

If you want to play sports other than Cricket and Football, go with Dream11. Otherwise, try your hand at Howzat and see how it goes!

Eventually, we would recommend you try out both the apps and make your decision, or better, play on both! 

Which fantasy app do you like better- Dream11 or Howzat? 

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