Dream11 vs MyTeam11: Which one is Better in 2023?

As the fantasy league apps wars heat up, we decided to find out which one is better in our Dream11 vs MyTeam11 review. Read on…

Fantasy sports are on the rise in India, with new apps coming to the market every day. A $150 billion market, Fantasy sports in India is on the boom and continues to add new users by the second. 

Indian fantasy sports industry has over 60 players currently, with over 100 million players are expected to play on one or more fantasy sports apps or platforms, according to an IFSG-KPMG report.

Around 400 million people watch cricket online India and by 2020, it is expected that there will be 500 million online users with 40 percent them playing fantasy sports.

Leading the pack are two well-known fantasy league sites, Dream11 and MyTeam11. While one is backed by the one and only Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the other one is represented by the hard-hitting ex- Indian opener Virendra Sehwag.

In this fight between Thala Dhoni and Viru Paaji, let’s see who emerges the winner. 


Dream11 vs MyTeam11: Which one is Better? 

In order to find out which of these two fantasy apps are better- Dream11 or MyTeam11- we will be testing each of these apps in the following categories: 

  • Number of users
  • App Features
  • Fantasy Point System
  • Regular vs Safe Play
  • Team Composition

Are you ready? Let’s begin our review! 

1. Number of Users

Dream11 Total Users:  According to founder Harsh Jindal, Dream11 had 50 million users in 2019 and is aiming to cross 100 million users by the end of 2020.

Dream11 was launched way back in 2008 when the concept of fantasy sports was unknown in India. It has come a long way since then and is by far, the largest fantasy league website/app in India. 

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MyTeam11 Total Users: Launched in 2017, almost a decade after Dream11, MyTeam11 is a fairly newer fantasy league app but has done well in its short stint. The Jaipur-based fantasy sports app, MyTeam11 has over 10 million users and continues to grow year on year. 

The Verdict: As the numbers suggest, Dream11 is clearly ahead of the game, with almost 10 times the users of MyTeam11. More users mean that DDream11 has established itself as a “safe” app to play fantasy cricket and transact money.

However, more users don’t always mean that it should be your preferred choice of app. Since MyTeam11 has less number of users than Dream11, it naturally has less competition.

Lesser the competition, more are your chances of winning! Our pick in this category for Dream11 vs MyTeam11 goes to MyTeam11. 


2. App Features

Dream11 vs MyTeam11 App Interface

Both the apps have an easy to use interface. 

Dream11: The app is pretty clean. The main screen presents you with the upcoming games you can join and play. Dream11 supports 4 fantasy sports- Cricket, Football, Basketball, and Baseball.

There’s a section called “Feed” at the bottom where you can build your fan following, follow other fantasy players, and engage with Dream11’s community.

Another great feature is the “Groups” tab where you can create a group with people you know or your friends and chat with them about the game. 

MyTeam11: MyTeam11 also has a neat and clean user interface which is very welcoming for a new user. Apart from Cricket, Football, Basketball, and Baseball contests, MyTeam11 has an additional two sports- Rugby and Quiz.

However, the MyTeam11 lacks the community features of Dream11 like Feed and Groups. 

The Verdict: Both apps are nicely designed and are easy to use by a beginner. While Dream11 as features were you can talk and interact with other fantasy sports players, MyTeam11 has more 2 additional sports you can play and win cash prizes with.

If you are a Rugby fan, MyTeam11 is the way to go. If not, then Dream11 should be your preferred choice.  


3. Fantasy Point System

The point system in both the app is quite similar. Each app gives 2x points for your captain and 1.5x points for your vice-captain.

However, in both the apps, the point system changes based on the format you are playing, ie. Test, ODI, T20, or T10.

Last year in September, Dream11 made some fundamental changes in its points scoring system, doubling all previous points.

This means that Dream11 now offers 1 point per run which was previously 0.5. MyTeam11 also offers 1 point per run scored by a player.

Dream11 rewards 25 points to bowlers (in ODIs) for taking a wicket while MyTeam11 gives 22 points more for taking wickets. For a detailed breakdown in the points scoring system, check out the following links:

The Verdict: Both apps have a similar scoring system so this section is a tie. 


4. Regular vs Safe Play

Next up is the difference between regular play and safe play. While Dream11 offers regular play, MyTeam11 offers both regular and safe play. 

For those who don’t know, Regular play means that the user is locked out of the app an hour before the match.

Meaning, you have to make your teams an hour before the match. Since the playing 11 is announced 30 minutes before any cricket match, fantasy players have to guess the playing 11, adding to the element of risk and skill to the competition. 

In Safe play, as the name suggests, there is no 1-hour prior deadline. 

In February 2019, Dream11 moved its deadline time from one hour before a match to the match’s official start time.

This means that users can now create their teams after the official teams are announced. While many were happy with this decision, others believed that this took away a much-needed skill factor from smart fantasy players and will lead to increased competition as more teams will be similar. 

The Verdict: Since My Team 11 offers both regular and safe play options, our pick in this category for Dream11 vs MyTeam11 goes to MyTeam11. 

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5. Team Composition

Team composition means how many wicketkeepers, batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders you can add to your team. Different fantasy cricket platforms have different rules regarding this. 

Wicketkeepers: You can select up to four wicketkeepers in your Dream11 as well as My Team11 teams

Batsmen: You can select 3-6 batsmen in your Dream 11 squad while in MyTeam11 you can select 2-6 batsmen. 

All-rounders: In Dream11, you can select 1-4 all-rounders. In MyTeam11, you can select anywhere from 1 to 6 players!

Bowlers: In Dream11, you can select 3-6 bowlers and in MyTeam11, you can select 2-6 bowlers. 

The Verdict: Depending upon your playing style, you can pick any of these two apps as they both offer similar team composition and flexibility in choosing your team. However, MyTeam11 has a slight edge here. 


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Which one do you like? 

As you can see, both the apps are similar in their functionality and feature offerings. MyTeam11 is newer compared to Dream11 and is trying its best to distinguish itself from the competition and offer every possible feature under the sun.

However, more people play on Dream11 and is the popular choice of top fantasy players. Ultimately, it boils down to your preferred choice. We would suggest you try out both the apps and make your decision, or better, play on both! Good luck! 

So, how did you like our Dream11 vs MyTeam11 reivew? Is there any other fantasy app you want us to review? Do let us know by commenting below or reach out to us on Twitter @weknowcricket


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