Dream11 vs Paytm First Games: Which one is Better?

While Dream11 is the market leader, Paytm First Games has a lot of potential too … 

India is a cricket-crazy nation, it’s just a fact. We are the country with the most number of cricket fans, and it doesn’t come as a surprise seeing the influence cricket has on us. 

Fantasy sports apps allow gamers to be involved with their favorite sports in a unique way and make the match more enthralling to watch. 

Today we are going to talk about and compare 2 such apps, Dream 11 and Paytm First Games. 

Fantasy AppDream11Paytm First Games
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History of Dream11

  • Founders: Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth
  • Headquarters: Mumbai
  • Dream11 Brand Ambassador: Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  • Founded in: 2008

One of the oldest fantasy sports apps in the market, Dream11 began its operations way back in 2008. 

dream11 vs paytm first games

Back in the old days, it was set up like American fantasy football leagues where users had to create season-long teams to compete. 

However, it failed to capture attention in India and Dream 11 moved to daily fantasy competitions in 2012.

History of Paytm First Games

  • Launch: Paytm First Games was launched in January 2018 in India as a joint venture with AGTECH Holdings Limited. 
  • Headquarters: Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • Paytm First Games Brand Ambassador: Sachin Tendulkar
  • Founded in: 2018

Paytm First Games is an all-in-one app for people who love fantasy sports. It is owned by the Indian multinational Paytm and was launched in India as a joint venture with AGTECH Holdings Limited. 

dream11 vs paytm first games

This app boomed during the Covid-19 pandemic, which helped us discover the potential of online gaming. 

Dream11 Vs Paytm First Games: Which one is Better?

We will be testing these apps in the following categories:

  1. Number of users
  2. User Interface
  3. App Features
  4. Fantasy Point System
  5. Type of Contests
  6. Team Composition

1. Number of Users

Let’s find out which app has more users, Dream11 or Paytm First Games. 

Dream11 Total Users: The app boasts over 100 million or 10 crore users! Dream11 leads the fantasy sports market by a mile! 

Paytm First Games Total Users: This app has over 4.5 crore or 45 million users which although isn’t even half of Dream11. However, it is still a great start because the app started in 2018, making it is quite a new platform compared to Dream11

So they have done a great job to capture new gamers. 

? The Verdict: 

Dream11 is unquestionably ahead of the game when it comes to its user base. Dream11 has more than 100 million users which is approximately 55 million more than the users of Paytm first games. 

Since Dream11 has more users, it automatically becomes the ‘safer’ app for a newbie, but more users isn’t always a good thing.

More users mean more competition and therefore fewer chances of victory. The lesser the competition, the more the chances of victory! 

Our pick in this category goes to Paytm First Games. 

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2. User Interface

Next, let’s discuss which of these apps- Dream11 or Paytm First games – has a better user interface. 

Dream11 user interface

Dream 11 has a very clean and simple interface, it’s pretty easy to use even if you are new. 

dream11 vs paytm first games

The top panel contains the different sports Dream11 offers- Cricket, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Kabaddi, and more. 

In the bottom panel, you can see

  • Current matches and the past matches you have played.
  • winner tab to check the winners of all matches.
  • A Chat section that allows you to chat with your friends.
  • The Feed section shows all the latest posts from people you follow on Dream11.

Conclusion- Dream11 has a very clean and simple-to-use interface. 

Paytm First Games User Interface

Like Dream 11, Paytm first games also have a simple and easy-to-use interface. On the top panel, it shows the 3 sports available, cricket, football, and basketball. 

dream11 vs paytm first games

Then it shows you the list of upcoming matches, and in the bottom panel, you can see:

  • Home: where all the current and upcoming matches are displayed
  • My Matches: where the upcoming, live, or completed matches you have played are displayed. 
  • Guru: the section that shows the upcoming matches and analysis of the team along with statistics that helps you pick a good team. 
  • Mission: basically a spin and win. Play any cash game or multiplier contest in a day to win the spin. 
  • Rummy: this allows you to choose to play other games like Rummy and Call Break and also has offers like refer and earn, jackpot and fantasy passes. 

? The Verdict: 

Since both the apps have clean and easy-to-use interfaces, we’ll give this a tie. 

3. App Features

Let’s move on and compare what these 2 apps have to offer in terms of features: 

Dream11 App Features

  • Supports 6 sports– Cricket, Baseball, Football, Kabaddi, Basketball, Handball, and Hockey.
  • Dream11’s “winner section” lets you see and study winning teams so you can make strategies and analyze accordingly.
  • Dream11 lets you earn 10% (up to Rs 200) of your friend’s added amount that they spend to join a contest via their refer and earn program.
  • The chat feature is also unique to Dream11. Fantasy players can create a group with their friends and chat with them about the game.
  • Dream11 allows you to build your own fan following, follow other fantasy players, and engage with the Dream11 community in the feed section.

Paytm First Games App Features

Paytm first games have the following features: 

  • Paytm first Games only has 3 two sports– cricket, basketball, and football
  • There’s no chat or feed option like in Dream11
  • Offers prizes up to 10 crores to players. 
  • Has a guru section that analysis team and players statistics so you can build a better team. 
  • There are multiple rewards on the Paytm First Games such as cash deposit or bonus cash or even getting the opportunity to Spin after playing a particular mission, which comes along with big prizes.
  • You can play other games if you don’t want to play fantasy sports. 

 ? The Verdict: 

Dream 11 defeats Paytm first games as it has 3 more sports to offer! 

And in both, you can analyze teams, although I would say Paytm First Games has the better feature in this matter. 

We’ll label Dream11 the winner as it offers more sports and has other cool features like chatting and following fellow fantasy players. 

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4. Fantasy Point System

Dream11 Fantasy Point System:

  • Dream11 provides 2x points for your captain and 1.5x points for your vice-captain.
  • The app offers 1 point per run
  • Dream11 awards 25 points to bowlers (in ODIs) for taking a wicket.
  • It offers 8 points for a catch, 12 for a stumping, 12 for a run out ( direct hit) and 6 for a run out ( not direct hit) 
  • You can check out the detailed point here: https://www.dream1herl1.com/games/point-system

Paytm First Games Fantasy Point System:

  • Paytm First games also give 2x points for your captain and 1.5x points for your vice-captain.
  • This app offers 1 point for a run. 
  • It offers 25 points for a wicket. 
  • For a run, players are awarded 12 points. 
  • For initiating a run out 6 points each. 
  • 8 points for a catch
  • All stats above are of T20s, for the full list refer here: https://paytmfirstgames.com/blog/what-is-the-fantasy-point-system-for-cricket/

? The Verdict

Paytm First Games’ point system remains the same in T20s and Tests, but Dream11 offers more in ODIS so they clinch the victory in this category. 

5. Type of Contests

Both Dream11 and Paytm first games have various types of contests that fantasy players can participate in. 

Contests in Dream11

Dream11 provides 3 types of contests: Practice, Cash, and Private contests. 

  • Practice contests are free to join but also don’t have any cash prizes
  • Cash contests are paid contests that give cash prizes to champions
  • Private contests are those you can create and play with your friends.

Contests in Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games provides exclusive contests such as:

  • Practice contests are free to join but also don’t have any cash prizes
  • Multiplier contest: Enter the contest with just your team and win up to 10X of the entry fee as high you score. 
  • Live Fantasy: Play on live matches, create a team, and join a contest every 5 overs. 
  • Buy/sell team: If you want some instant cash before the match ends then you can sell your team to fellow players during the match. 
  • Fan wars: Contests in which you can play as a group. 

? The Verdict:

This category goes to Paytm First Games as they have more and different types of contests like Fan Wars. 

6. Team Composition

Team composition defines how many batsmen, bowlers, wicketkeepers, and all-rounders you can add to your fantasy teams. 

We’ll compare the team composition of Dream11 and Paytm first games. 

Dream11 Team Composition: 

  • Wicketkeepers: You can select up to four wicketkeepers in your Dream11 team.
  • Batsmen: You can select 3-6 batsmen in your Dream 11 squad.
  • All-rounders: You can select 1-4 all-rounders.
  • Bowlers: You can select 3-6 bowlers

Paytm First Games Team Composition: 

  • Wicketkeepers: You can select up to four wicketkeepers in your Dream11 team.
  • Batsmen: You can select 3-6 batsmen in your Dream 11 squad.
  • All-rounders: You can select 1-4 all-rounders.
  • Bowlers: You can select 3-6 bowlers. 

? The Verdict

It’s a tie, again. Dream11 and Paytm first games have the exact same composition. 

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Dream11 vs Paytm First Games: Final Verdict

As you can see, both Dream11 and Paytm First Games have similarities in their functionality and features. 

In our above review, we got 2 draws, 2 wins for Paytm First Games, and 2 wins for Dream11.

Without a doubt, both of them are some of the best fantasy apps in India and you can choose to go with any of them. 

More people in India use Dream11 and it’s their go-to. 

If you want to play games other than Cricket, Basketball, and Football then go for Dream11, otherwise, try your hand in Paytm First Games! We’ll say it’s a bit better for cricket. 

Eventually, we would recommend you try out both the apps and make your decision, or better, play on both! 

At the end of the day, it’s your choice and what you prefer. 

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