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Wondering if the Howzat fantasy app is any good? Check out our Howzat app review and let us answer that question for you! Read on…

India is a haven for cricket lovers. From kids to adults, everyone enjoys a good cricket match and follows it religiously. 

Seeing the unmatched love of cricket in the Indian market, many fantasy cricket apps have emerged in the market. 

Apps like Dream11, MyTeam11, Gamezy, and much more provide the fun and excitement of an actual cricket match. 

By helping you create your own teams and competing against fellow fantasy players, fantasy cricket apps have completely changed the way we consume our cricket.

Today we are going to review another fantasy cricket app that just came into the Indian market in April 2019. 

The app is called Howzat, an exciting new app making waves in the Indian market. 

Let us see what Howzat is all about and how does it stack up next to popular fantasy apps in our Howzat app review. 

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Quick Overview


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Howzat App Review: What is Howzat App?   

Rich in features, the Howzat app is a fantasy sports app that allows users to make their own virtual teams and earn points based on real-life sports matches. 

Howzat app review

You can compete in Cricket, Football as well as Kabaddi. 

Fantasy players can earn real money by making virtual teams and joining various contests available and compete with fellow players. 

Howzat offers a variety of leagues such as Grand League, Multipliers as well as Head-to-Head contests. 

You can choose and play a league that suits your style. There are a lot of various combinations you can use to make teams which we will discuss later in detail.  


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Howzat has been developed with core values such as strategy, passion, and entertainment.

These values are perfectly exhibited by their brand ambassadors such as Yuvraj Singh, Kumar Sangakkara, Irfan Pathan, and Kieron Pollard. 

Over the years, Howzat has evolved into one of the most advanced and easy-to-use fantasy sports apps. 

Howzat is loaded with some amazing features, it provides exciting games and rich content. 

Sustaining a user base of over 7 million satisfied players from across the country with 4.5-star average rating speaks volumes of how Good Howzat is. 

Howzat Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (out of 5)

Criteria Score (out of 5)
Ease of use 4
Sports available 3
User Interface 5
Users worldwide 5
Quick Withdrawals 5

Overall score: 22/25. 


? How to Download Howzat App

Next up in our Howzat app review is how to actually download the Howzat app. The Howzat app is compatible with both Android and iPhone. 

Downloading Howzat is an amazingly easy task. All you need a couple of minutes and a few clicks to get yourself sorted. 

How to download the Howzat app for iOS

  1. Go to the App Store and search for “Howzat.”
  2. Click on the “Download” button.
  3. After downloading the app, click the “OPEN” button.
  4. Now you can get started with Howzat!


How to download the Howzat app for Android

The Howzat app is not available on Google Playstore due to the restrictions by Google. You can download the app in the following way:

  1. Scan the QR code given on the website. 
  2. Provide your mobile number to Howzat to get a link via SMS. 
  3. Give a missed call to Howzat on 8860-799-599 to get the download links. 

After downloading the APK file, you will get a warning message on your screen. Click on the “Install Anyway” option to complete the app installation.

Who is Howzat App Owner 

Incorporated in 2018, Howzat Games Private Limited is under the Direction of Rahul Nandkumar Bhardwaj, Shashank Singh, Chirag Sharma.

Is Howzat app Safe? 

Yes, Howzat is absolutely safe. Howzat has notable security layers and encryptions to protect user data, passwords, and other key details so you do not have to worry about your personal data getting leaked. 

All your personal information is kept confidential.

Is Howzat app legal? 

If you have doubts over the legality of Howzat then do not worry, when it comes to the legal side of things, Howzat is fully covered. 

They follow all the rules and regulations advised by the Government of India. Since Fantasy sports are considered as a game of “skill” and not a game of “chance,” Howzat is 100% legal.  

However, the state of Sikkim, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland, and Andhra Pradesh, prohibits its citizens from playing cash contests on Howzat as the law does not allow users of these states to play cash contests on fantasy sports apps. 

How to Play Howzat 

Playing Howzat is as simple as playing any fantasy cricket app.  

Simply pick players you think will perform best in a match and build your fantasy playing 11 as you collect points based on the player’s real performance during that match.

This ultimately decides how you will perform in the contests you have joined. 


Howzat has an extremely easy-to-understand user interface which makes it easier for users to select the team. 

If you are playing a cash contest, the money gets added as a whole, depending on the type of contest, and each user gets paid based on their performance and rank. 

Needless to say, the person who ranks 1st wins the most amount. Howzat only charges very little money for providing the services.  

Here’s how to play the Howzat app: 

  1. After registering, fantasy players can choose to play Cricket, Football, and Kabaddi.
  2. After selecting the sport, select the match you want to play. 

How to play Howzat app

  1. To start, you are allotted 100 credits to pick a total of 11 Players. 
  2. There are different rules for different sports, for example, you cannot pick two goalkeepers in football but can pick 1-4 wicket-keeper in cricket. 
  3. After selecting your best playing 11, you then move forward to Captain and a Vice-Captain of your fantasy team.
  4. As a Fantasy player, one of the most important tasks is selecting the Captain and Vice-captain as the points of the captain are doubled (2X) and the points Vice-Captain gets a 1.5x increase.

Some important points to keep in mind :

  1. Players are awarded 4 points for being a part of the playing 11 so make sure you do not choose someone that is not playing. 
  2. As already mentioned above, the captain gets twice the points as other players for the same performance. 
  3. The vice-captain gets 1.5 times the points as other players for the same performance. 
  4. You get Bonus points for your players’ performance, for every boundary they hit, every half-century and century they score, and for good strike rate and economy rate, they get additional bonus points.
  5. It is very important to notice, points are not awarded for a Super Over. 
  6. You can also join contests with multiple teams to increase your chances of winning. The maximum number of teams that you can make and join contests with is 20. 

Type of Contests in Howzat: Howzat App Review

One of the best features of Howzat is that they offer a wide variety of contests for you to participate in: 

  1. In their famous “Beat the Legend” contests, you get a chance to test out your knowledge and skills against the legends of the game: Yuvraj Singh, Kumar Sangakkara, Irfan Pathan, and Kieron Pollard and if you beat them, you get a Handsome reward.


  1. “Guaranteed Leagues” are the leagues that have fixed prize pools and the distribution of prizes does not change irrespective of how many users join the contest. 
  2. They also offer the most basic Fantasy contest i.e., Head-to-Head contest. In a “Head-to-Head” contest, you compete against a single player, and the winner takes the entire prize pool. 
  3. Another exciting type of contest is Multiplier. In “Multiplier” contests you can join with a certain amount and win up to 10X amount of your amount! 
  4.  Last but not least, they also have a contest named “Winner takes all”. In the “Winner takes all” contests. Multiple players compete and the one that comes out on top wins the entire amount. Reward and risk both are large in this type of contest.

How to Withdraw Money from Howzat? 

So, you have registered, played some contests, and have won and now you want to withdraw your money. 

Withdrawing money from Howzat is a remarkably straightforward process. 

If you want to withdraw money from your Howzat account: 

  1. Just click on the “More” button available on the bottom right. 
  2. You will see the “Withdrawal” option in the panel. 
  3. Tap on “Withdrawal” and enter your details, i.e., your state, date of birth, etc. All this information is required so someone else does not withdraw money from your account. 
  4. After adding your details, a new tab will appear showing your “Withdrawable Balance.” 
  5. You get two options to withdraw your money i.e., to your Paytm or bank account. But before withdrawing, you must get your mobile number and KYC (Know Your Customer) verified, to get the money credited to your account. This is done to confirm you are Indian and do not hold multiple Howzat accounts which is against the company policy. 
  6. Enter the amount that you would like to withdraw. 
  7. Do not enter an amount more than equal to your withdrawable balance as then the request will get canceled. (Minimum Withdrawal – 200 Rupees)   

Howzat offers the quickest withdrawals. After initiating a Withdrawal, it hardly takes half an hour for the money to reach your Bank account or Paytm wallet.

To check your recent transactions, click on the double arrow at the top right of the page. 

Howzat Minimum Withdrawal 

Another question that arises is how much money can you withdraw from Howzat. The minimum withdrawal limit is rupees 200.  

Howzat App Referral Code 2022


Here’s our Howzat App referral code: HVGNUAPG3T

Using this code, you can get Rs.500 for free when you make a deposit of Rs.100!

How to Enter the Referral Code: 

  1. Go to 
  2. Go to profile at the top right corner. 
  3. Click on Registration and enter your details and Referral code to earn up to Rs. 500 in Cash Bonus. 
  4. You can also share your own referral link and earn a bonus when someone signs up using that link. 
  5. You can then use this bonus to join contests without depositing additional money in your Howzat account 


Howzat Promo Code Today 2022

Here are some Howzat promo codes you can use in 2022

Promo Code Bonus
Start100  Get 50% bonus upto Rs.50 (Min. deposit: Rs. 100)
Start200 Get 62% bonus upto Rs.125 (Min. deposit: Rs. 200)
Start500 Get 100% bonus upto Rs.500 (Min. deposit: Rs. 500)
Start1000 Get 100% bonus upto Rs.1250 (Min. deposit: Rs. 1000)
Start2000 Get 150% bonus upto Rs.3000 (Min. deposit: Rs. 2000)


Howzat Customer Care Number 

The Howzat app has a dedicated customer support helpline to help you with all your queries. 

  1. You can connect with customer care services by clicking on the More tab on the bottom right of your screen. 
  2. Scroll down and click on contact us. 
  3. Then all you need to do is put your email ID, mobile number and select the problem you are having and provide a description of it and then click on submit. 

You can also reach out to Howzat at 

Howzat App Review: Final Verdict

To sum up, Howzat is a great fantasy sports app that offers something for every sports fan. 

The app has a very clean user interface so that you do not get confused and is very welcoming to a new user. 

They also offer a very handsome deposit and referral bonus. 

Apart from Cricket, Howzat also offers contests for Football and Kabaddi. There are many different contests users can join depending upon their skill level, requirement, and the money they want to invest.  

With great ambassadors to support and great core values, Howzat is a must-have app for every Fantasy sports lover. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go to, download the app, and start winning!

If you liked our Howzat app review, do leave a comment down below & follow us on Twitter for regular cricket updates and memes! 

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